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High sensitivity large size capacitive touch screen iVTP


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"Large-scale multi-point capacitive touch screen iVTP Touch Technology  Co., Ltd. iVtouch launched a new touch screen series iVTP, for large-size high-performance multi-point capacitive touch display device. Bulk supply 21.5 "", 23"", 27 "", 32"" and 42 ""specifications of the capacitive touch screen, to provide customers with other uses of multi-point capacitive touch screen solution.  Why iVTP touch screen is the industry's best capacitive touch screen?   ITO conductive glass (film) square resistance large (> 150 Euro / square), suitable for small size touch display (smart phone, tablet PC), ITO touch screen best size <12 1, the use of ITO conductive glass (film) Making larger than 21.5-inch products, touch is poor, therefore, ITO large size capacitive screen is difficult to achieve market demand. Infrared optical touch screen, size is the advantage, but the touch experience is poor (slow response, raised the border, vulnerable to environmental impact), it is difficult to meet the needs of users of high-performance touch.Large size multi-point capacitive touch screen iVTP uses a proprietary new low resistance transparent conductive film (10 ohms / square), especially for 21.5 ""size touch screen, iVTP touch performance advantages in all types of touch screen , IVTP performance is optimal: full touch consistency, fast touch response (10ms), contacts above 10, high sensitivity (thin gloves) and palm touch control (Palm Rejection). See also: 32-inch touch Tablet PC gesture touch function Video   presentation In appearance, iVTP touch screen support flat without frame, narrow border and other advanced design. Capacitive touch screen iVTP and Windows8 / Android OS compatible (Windows8 certification). At the same time, iVTP Low current drive, the longest life and low power consumption.IVTP provides users with a more flexible design and create space.  IVTP specifications and custom specifications  : 7 "", 15.6"", 19.5 "", 21.5"", 23.5 "", 27"", 32 "", 42"". Standard touch screen, the sample cycle 7-10 working days. No-size large-size touch screen to accept custom (charge mold costs). Standard sizes 32 ""and 42"", accept reservations. (55 ""),  accordingto customer demand R & D and custom.IVtouch built a large size capacitive screen scale production line, low resistance transparent conductive film (Nano-silver and micro-mesh film) is the company's patented technology.Let us help you apply high-performance large-size capacitive touch screen!  As the large-size capacitive touch screen with the control panel, IC match debugging, in order to get the best touch characteristics, and touch screen size, number of contacts, touch function, cover thickness and material properties, if you need to apply our Capacitive touch screen, it is recommended to fully communicate with our engineers, tell the required touch performance, we will provide a good touch screen and driver IC circuit board.  Second, the structural design and engineering proofing, including the cover design and fit; Third, the IC driver chip debugging, the use of the touch screen, Fourth, the machine assembly debugging and feedback; Fifth, after the sample through the confirmation, mass production.  Multi-touch screen iVTP application  IVtouch offers a variety of applications requiring gesture multi-touch touchscreen high-performance touch screen iVTP, support for interactive display, engineering design, precision painting and multiplayer touch. For interactive advertising, retail and self-service, corporate IT display, health care, finance, industrial control, entertainment, games and education.   Design and supply a range of highly sensitive multi-touch screens for industrial control and smart appliances for the European Union (Germany).   Acer to provide Acer 30 ""-27"" display 10-point capacitive touch screen (Amazon Amazon website sales), Philipes Tablet PC ""potato pie"" application of the 15.6-inch 10-point capacitive touch screen. To the Chinese touch enterprises supply 21.5 ""-32"" various types of high-performance multi-point capacitive touch screen.   In AIO, Tablets, smart desktop and advertising on the famous brand application. At the CES2015 exhibition in the United States, the VIA iVTouch released a 32-inch 10-point capacitive touch screen iVTP3201, showing unprecedented excellent touch characteristics!High-performance industrial touch screen machine AIO touch screen car highly sensitive touchscreen  technology products to interact with the touch screen display  educational interaction of large-size flat-panel computer  games Casino Gaming  Retail Retail Product Selectors touch-screen machines  digital signs Wayfinding  Safety Monitoring Security Monitoring Systems Simulation  Training Training and Simulation Telepresence  Digital Signage  Art Arcade Gaming  Information Point Point of Information  Video Pro Audio / Visual  Geographic Information Geospatial"