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"The future ubiquitous large-size high-performance touch display! Everywhere TouchFor the smart home industry, large-size touch display and interactive features is the main innovative direction, high sensitivity, large size gesture touch panel is the inevitable demand for smart home. See also: Video ""Wisdom Life""Smart home development is fast and broad prospects According  to the International Internet of Things Trade and Application Promotion Association released market research data show that from 2010 to 2012, China's smart home market for 3 consecutive years to maintain more than 20% growth, of which 2012 The market size reached 2.49 billion yuan, an increase of 20.29%. It is expected that by 2017, China's smart home market will reach 8 billion yuan scale. According to expert statistics, as of January 2014, involving the smart home of the Chinese patent applications a total of 6304, of which 5689 domestic patent applications, accounting for 90.24% of the total application, foreign patent applications 615, accounting for all applications 9.76% of the total. Home system network. Mobile phone in the PC, PC in the family, flattened, television in the intelligent, touch, the product boundary is blurred, the living room, study, bedroom barrier to open the barrier, the information from various channels will be unimpeded Flow in the family. At the same time, everything in the family can exchange information through the network and outside. Such as home appliances such as self-feedback, family diet, work and other habits will be external network records, analysis, family-based more in-depth intervention in society.   The exchange of information to be implemented to the action, so that service providers and families linked together. On the basis of information communication, the hospital can provide medical services; supermarkets can provide distribution services; banks can provide electronic payment; property, public security can provide security services and so on. In this way, large interactive touch tablet has become the actual demand. Intelligent home technology bottleneck one: large Tablet PC cost-effective, high-performance touch screen source. 
The company offers a wide range of capacitive touch screens (iVTP series touch screens) and high-performance large-size capacitive touch displays for enterprise IT display of interactive terminals and intelligent desktop systems. Products with full touch function (high sensitivity, multi-point, gestures), support ""flat panel"" design, to fill the large size capacitive touch screen industry blank. This large-size iVTP series of touch-screen furniture for the intelligent enterprise products, providing advanced touch display solutions, but also for enterprise IT office, product display to bring more flexible new means of interaction.   Tianyi iVtouch offers large size high-performance capacitive touch screen and touch display iVTPtouch3201, iVTP4201 (32 "", 42"") business, in multi-touch, gesture touch and touch sensitivity (6 -10ms) and the appearance of quality, leading the industry. Support smart desktop glass - flat - touch design, and Windows8, Android OS application platform is fully compatible to support the user needs for application development. "