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Foam glass


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MORE THAN JUST EXCELLENT QUALITY A number of obvious advantages over existing materials do penostekolny rubble unique thermal insulation. Excellent thermal insulation properties Foam glass - primarily a reliable insulation material. Thermal conductivity penostekolnogo rubble - 0.062 W / m K ∙. Wide operating temperature range - from - 200 ° to + 550 ° C can be used even in the industrial material. Durability sluzhbypenostekla term is practically unlimited. Foam glass does not absorb moisture, does not contain organic components which may lose its properties over time. Material frost, easily tolerates temperature transitions through zero. Chemically and biologically inert. Resistant to aggressive media. Foam glass is not of interest for rodents. After dismantling it can be reused. Fire protection Material 100% consists of minerals and in accordance with the Russian group has flammability standards "NG" (flammable). Produced as a result of foaming of the glass in a furnace at a temperature of 800 degrees. Environmentally friendly and safe for health The raw material for gravel penostekolnogo ordinary glass is used, for example, for the manufacture of bottles. Such glass is completely neutral to the environment and is completely safe for human health. In addition, using glass, we simultaneously carry out the environmental mission of recycling of solid waste. Low weight Foam glass - a very light material, it is easy to transport, easy to work with. 1 cubic meter of material weighs 100 kg. Standard 70-liter polypropylene material bag weighs approximately 7 kg. high strength Despite the light weight, the material is able to withstand high pressure. Compressive strength 0,12-2 MPa. Filling penostekolnogo rubble easily withstand the weight of the road roller.

Thermal Insulation Durability Environmentally Friendly Lightweight Fireproof Strength

Manufacturer's Description

The foam glass is manufactured from common crushed glass. Thus, the new plant provides an important environmental service by contributing to efficient processing of solid household waste.

Foam glass - artificial porous material, which is produced by sintering in special equipment and finely ground glass blowing and intended for heat and sound insulation of building structures for various purposes. Buy foam glass in Moscow, you can apply through the website or by calling the manager of toll-free number.