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Geomembrane polymer roll «GeoPlus»


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The characteristics and advantages of geosynthetic membranes: • Maximum efficiency of welding units; • ease of transport and storage; • the ability to reduce the amount of excavation; • quick and cost-effective implementation of installation works; • Can be used to increase the area of existing landfills; • Cost effective operation; • wholly impermeability to moisture; • highest ecological safety; • withstand seismic events; • the ability to keep high mechanical loads; • impervious barrier is a vertical type; • no chemical reactions with the majority of pollutants. Waterproofing membrane (polymer). JHA • Durability, flexibility, strength. • Complete absence of water absorption. • By request of different width (2.5 m, 4.80 m). • waterproofing membrane is laid in a single layer. • Welds are 100 percent leak. • Waterproofing Membrane 98 percent consists of polymers. (LDPE) • High resistance to chemical attack and corrosion. • Waterproofing membrane is absolutely non-toxic. • waterproofing membrane is resistant to frost and temperature changes. • stacking surface without additional preparation. • mounting at subzero temperatures.

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Manufacturer's Description

Geomembrane polymer - an innovative type of sheet insulating materials, created on the basis of polymers and successfully applied to solve geotechnical problems and the implementation of engineering in the field of environmental protection. For the production of geomembranes applied LDPE / HDPE that provides the material with an extremely high level of strength and chemical inertness.n Russia today is particularly acute issue of the environment effective protection from man-made sources of pollution. In all the territories of the Russian Federation there are drives that are stored industrial waste and household waste, all kinds of septic tanks, storage tanks and corrosive chemical components, and so on. D. The most reliable way to isolate these hazards experts believe impervious screens, arranged from geosynthetics.Also geomembrane polymer - is the most effective to date material to protect the foundation (ground) parts of any building objects, is widely used in practice.