Registration Date 11 Jun 2017



Petroleum Coatings Product Number : TU 2312-003-73847543-2011

Petroleum Anti-corrosion Coating


Manufacturer Asserted

Zinc oxide

ZnO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-13-2


system is designed to protect equipment against corrosion, pipelines, platforms, etc. in particularly aggressive environments: under the action of alkalis, salts, acids, temperature up to 100 ° C.
Oil and gas industry


Salt Resistance Thermal stability Weatherability Alkali Resistance Corrosion resistance Acid Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Gas coating ARSET-2 system is used to protect the metal in a particularly aggressive operating conditions:
in direct contact with acids, alkalis and other corrosive agents;Operating at high temperature (up to 100? C).The system consists of the following materials:
Emlak primer zinc NG - tsinkonapolnenny two-component epoxy primer on metal for the sacrificial protection. A distinctive feature of this material is used in the composition of the zinc flakes, contributing to increase the processability of the material, improved adhesion and imparting additional barrier effect.
Emakout 5335 NG - two-component epoxy enamel containing a suspension of aluminum powder. It forms a high build coating that creates a barrier against the penetration of corrosive agents to the surface of the structure. It provides resistance to corrosion of various nature: aggressive gases, salts, acids, alkalis, water and soil.
Ematop NG - two-component acrylic urethane enamel. It provides protection against the effects of weathering, physical damage, UV radiation. It has high decorative properties.
Service life - 16 yearscoating scheme:
Primer Emlak zinc primer layer NG 1 × 80 microns;Enamel Emakout 5335 NG 1 × layer 150 .mu.m;The enamel layer Ematop NG 1 × 50 microns.Gas System ARSET-2 included in the Register coating systems and coating materials for corrosion protection of steel structures, process facilities and equipment PAO "Gazprom"