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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




+ Cleanses the skin over the entire depth + eliminates the problems of the skin caused by bacteria + inside nourishes the skin with nutrients and trace elements + has a mild pH 7, not dry + is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive + is natural and hypoallergenic makeup

Durable Antibacterial effect Skin Nourishing Circulation improvement

Manufacturer's Description

Foam for washing with silver nanoparticles EVOLUTFoam is designed for daily washing and removal of light makeup. She deeply and efficiently cleans the skin from dirt and germs even inside the pores. Silver nanoparticles eliminate the bacteria that cause inflammation, pimples, acne. You will see results from the very first days of application. With continued use the skin is completely cleansed, it is healthy and well-groomed.
A key component of the composition of natural - silver nanoparticles. While on the skin surface and penetrates into its deep layers, silver nanoparticles eliminate the bacteria that cause inflammation, pimples, acne, rash. Peeling the skin over the entire depth of the foam restores and maintains skin health. 
Useful substances contained in the extract of melissa Altaian oils and citrus plants, are fixed on the surface of nanoparticles and with them penetrate into the inner skin layers. They saturate the inside of the skin with valuable vitamins and fatty acids.
Deionized Water, Sodium lauryl sulfoatsitat, betaine coconut oil, jojoba oil, melissa Altaian extract, melilot extract Altaian, orange oil, tangerine oil, lemon oil, silver nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles in natural composition EVOLUT foam covered with molecules of extracts of herbs and citrus oils. Therefore, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, they will not only eliminate the inflammation, but also nourish the skin with useful substances, easily penetrates through the protective barrier of the skin. Cells that are most in need of vitamins and minerals get them while you wash.
Circular movements distribute the foam on the surface of the skin, rinse with water. For best results, leave the foam on the skin for 30 seconds. 
When caring for healthy skin is recommended to use once a day, morning or evening. Foam quality cleanse the skin and have a preventive effect against inflammation. 
While taking care of the problem or inflamed skin is recommended to use morning and evening necessarily as restoring and regenerating means. In the period of rest and sleep is most active healing effect. 
Regular use of foam for washing EVOLUT helps to maintain the skin in a healthy condition, and will not worry about possible problems.