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Hand Sanitizer


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4


Apply the gel on your hands, spread over the entire surface of hands, focusing on the palms, fingers and nails. Wait until completely dry, which takes up to 10 seconds. EVOLUT Apply the gel on the affected area of skin, such as a scratch. Gently distribute the gel of the wound surface and allow complete drying. Antibacterial effect remains on the skin to 8 hours. The more often you touch your palms to the surface, the protective layer is erased quickly. On average, active protective effect persists 3 - 5 hours. During this period, be sure to clean your skin. Simply rinse your hands with water when needed and do not use other detergents and cleaning agents. Their use will lead to the fact that the protective layer will wear faster. There are no restrictions on the number of applications. Silver nanoparticles are not addictive in bacteria do not affect the personal human microflora. Personal microflora is completely restored in a few hours.


+ Cleanses the skin without water | does not require rinsing + protects against bacteria at 8 hours + disinfects damaged skin, wounds, cuts, scratches + accelerates healing + without alcohol, however does not dry the skin + odorless suit everyone + has natural and hypoallergenic composition + vacuum packaging allows using gel to the last drop

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-septic

Manufacturer's Description

EVOLUT gel used for cleaning hands without water. It forms a protective layer on the skin on which microbes will not be up to 8 hours. A key component of the composition - silver nanoparticles. They destroy more than 650 species of bacteria and germs. Castor oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin of your hands. Thanks to its simple and effective formula, the gel leaves the skin feeling of exceptional purity, freshness and softness.
Apply the gel on damaged skin, on wounds, abrasions, scratches, for fast and deep disinfection, to promote healing. Wound surface forms a protective layer that prevents new bacteria get into the damaged area. Silver nanoparticles kill bacteria trapped in the wound, so the body does not waste time and energy to fight the infection, and immediately begin to regenerate.
EVOLUT gel has a completely natural composition. Means environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. The vacuum bottle is convenient to take with you and use up to the last drop. The tool is designed for adults and children from 3 years.Deionized water, tsellyulozoglikolevaya acid, hydrogenated castor oil, silver nanoparticles

Antiseptic Gel EVOLUT kills bacteria on the skin and permanently protects against recurrence. The silver nanoparticles formed on the protective layer of the skin, preventing the emergence and development of bacteria within 8 hours even in contact with the muddy surfaces. To kill bacteria, germs and viruses in the antibacterial gel EVOLUT apply only silver nanoparticles, not alcohol, triclosan or synthetic antibiotics. With this gel does not dry the skin and has no unpleasant odor. He is a natural way to protect you in situations where you need it.