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Registration Date 12 Jun 2017

Thermoplastic Highway TermoPlast for road marking


Construction Masonry Materials

Road Marking Paint


1.Plotnost paint application is 2.14 g per cm3 2.Temperatura softening RuNO +97 degrees 3.Yarkost - not less than 80% 4.Rabochaya Temperature - 185 degrees 5.Adgezionnaya strength - not less than 30 kg / cm2 6.Tolschina applied layer - 2-5 mm 7.Ustoychivost to alternating oscillations - more than 200 cycles 8.Vodopoglaschenie - 0.02% 9.Vremya cure - 10 minutes 10.Soderzhanie mikrosteklosharikov - 20% 11.Raskhod microbeads (Fr. .400-850 mm) 350 gr.m2 or 43 kg per tonne (if there is no thermoplastic microspheres) 12.Srok storage - not less than 12 months

Weatherability Wear Resistance Frost resistance Thermoplastic

Manufacturer's Description

Thermoplastic - a new material which has a truly unique properties - the frost resistance, wear resistance, and also resistance to atmospheric and chemical influence. Thermoplastic manufactured according to GOST R 52575-2006 Thermoplastic for road surface is used as a professional tool for application of horizontal markings on the road surface, for marking parking lots, as well as stops, warehouses, industrial and commercial premises. Apply paint using such modern road marking technology that can melt termoplastikpri temperature of 180 degrees. Thermoplastic used for road marking, is completely compatible with another type thermoplastics, and a powder mixture of thermoplastic resin, mineral filler, and as a white pigment and various process components. All our products made in accordance with the GOST, and has a quality certificate.