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Registration Date 12 Jun 2017

Rock polymer sheet


Petroleum Coatings Product Number : TU2246-001-96017324-2010

Thermal Insulation Sheet


Oil and gas industry Pipelines


Thermal Insulation

Manufacturer's Description

Rock polymeric sheet produced by TU2246-001-96017324-2010 and represents a structure made by the method of extrusion laminating a nonwoven unilateral synthetic material polyethylene high pressure, allowing securely fasten the layers of polymers (woven and nonwoven), followed by perforation. In agreement with the customer can be manufactured rock polymer sheet without perforations.Rocky sheet polymer for protection insulated surface pipes up to 1420 mm inclusive from mechanical damage when they are laying in the rock and permafrost (permafrost) soils, including when the backfill soil contains inclusions of gravel, pebbles, gravel and larger solids in all macro-regions at an ambient temperature of minus 60C to plus 50C.To protect the insulated surface of curvilinear sections of pipelines are used tape , made of a polymeric sheet rock, a width from 0.2 m to 0.6 m and a length of 10m.For protection of pipelines insulated surface against mechanical damage and iron weights (or) the weighting with concrete covering the saddle and types of applied protective mats made from polymeric sheet rock.To ensure the cathodic protection of pipelines against corrosion is applied to the polymer sheet rock perforation.Considering various conditions of laying pipelines, rock polymeric sheet produced by a conventional "O" with a thickness of the laminating layer of polyethylene - 2mm and enhanced performance "Y" with the thickness of the laminating layer of polyethylene - 3mm.Rocky sheet polymer is an environmentally friendly products, which is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion № from 26.01.2006g.Rock polymer sheet has certificates "VNIIGAS" and GOST P, as well as on the application solution.Warranty - 1 year.The service life of the polymeric sheet rock least lifetime of the pipeline.