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Nanocements are cements, whose grains are covered by solid shell in the process of grinding, i.e. mechanical activation. This shell is a capsule with thickness of several tens of nanometers of modified polymer compound, which imparts a radically new quality to  Portland cement and concretes on its basis.As a result of more than 20 years of research of new cements, it is established that outstanding properties of the materials were associated with the formation of nanoshells on the surface of cement particles in the process of its mechanical activation with accompanying grinding, through vaccination and the changes in the composition of the structure of modifier’s particles, when functional groups of polymer substance interact with calcium and oxygen active sites on the surface of clinker particles, saturating with calcium cations and forming a solid nanoshell, presumably, of the following composition: С10Н7SО3Са.
Below you can find detailed information on our nanocements: deflection and compressive strength at 2, 7 and 28 days; nano cover thickness; fuel cost and CO2 emissions per ton and much more. This report was presented at the Conference held in Dubai in April of 2015. Nanocements are certified by the Russian Standard Authority - ROSNANO, ANO NANOCERTIFICA.Since the nanocement is a new product, the new GOST standard was recently issued PNST 19-2014. The new standard references traditional cement GOST standards, the state standards of the Russian Federation. Nanocement is fully compliant with the ASTM standard C1157, which is a non prescriptive cement standard. It includes comliance a wide range of physical and mechanical parameters. It is also fully incorporated into a Ready Mix standard ASTM C94.