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Asphalt Additive


The modifier "ADM" - is a unique and high-tech product used in the construction and reconstruction of roads and runways. Launch of the asphalt concrete with the use of "ADM" does not require changes in the technological mode of asphalt plants, including temperature, time of manufacture asphalt mixtures, as well as the changeover. The modifier "ADM" is introduced into a mixer simultaneously with a mixture of asphalt or bitumen immediately after its introduction. The modifier "ADM" is suitable for all types of asphalt plants, including Stone mastic (SMA).


Environmentally Friendly Adhesion Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

Innovative tech modifier of asphalt concrete on the basis of active rubber powder obtained by high-shear milling.
"ADM" certified, is produced in accordance with the GOST P 55419-2013, safe to use and is available in two product forms: granules and powder.
 When adding the active modifier "ADM" is formed on the structured micro and nanoscale rubber asphalt binder having high adhesive properties. The process leads to a change in the fundamental properties of bitumen (decrease brittleness temperature increase ductility). In the process of transporting asphalt concrete mixture with addition of active modifier does not separate introduction stabilization additive cellulose is required.modifier production "ADM" solves the problem of disposal of used tires. In today's world it is the most effective way of their processing. Incineration is dangerous for the environment, the term of the expansion in the wild for over 100 years.As part of the "ADM" project created a modern center of laboratory tests, which employs highly qualified specialists.
The Center is equipped with a set of advanced equipment required for testing of materials, selection of composition of asphalt mixes, sample preparation and other studies.