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Composite Mesh "Rockmesh" (reinforcement, masonry)


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Composite Mesh




Durable and lightweight basalt (FRP) reinforcement is widely used in the implementation of housing and civil engineering projects for the reinforcement of various types of construction and decorative structures and elements (products) of concrete and plaster walls of the buildings (structures) of stone or brick and concrete floors, as well as interior and exterior wall panels, including multi-layer (the so-called sandwich panel), beams and floor slabs. In the construction industry, in addition to the above, the composite masonry grid Galen price "from the producer" is optimal for reinforcing various coastal structures and hydraulic works, regardless of the degree of complexity; with regard to road construction, a relatively inexpensive basalt (FRP) reinforcement is perfect for the organization of reliable fencing of railway tracks and roads, as well as the operational reinforcement of road plates, bridges and highways. Composite masonry mesh ROCKMESH effective in cases where the "working" environment for the reinforcement will be aggressive or wet - for example, in sewage treatment plants and sedimentation tanks (storage), chemical plants and hydro. Besides the fact that basalt (FRP) reinforcement Galen is a dielectric and is not magnetized, reliable and durable product is also characterized by Galen higher - up to 3 times in comparison with metal analogs with the same cell diameter - strength, to withstand considerable loads on the tension load from the wall and stretching and bending; Low thermal conductivity of not more than 0.46 W / m 2 (the same metal component ranges from 40 to 60 W / m 2 ), whereby the armature is no longer a "cold bridges", and thermal efficiency is optimized constructions; high resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, even when operating in wet or corrosive environments; relatively low weight, for example, 1 m 2 most sought embodiment metal mesh (dimensions 50h50h3 mm and 0,5h2 m) weighs 2.22 kgAnd the product of basalt, with the same parameters - from 300 to 360 g; ecological, because modern production techniques allow up to 40 times to reduce carbon dioxide emission compared with the usual manufacturing metal reinforcement; high adhesion strength with concrete through a special granular coating; low modulus values, allowing to extinguish vibration quickly and without consequences. Interestingly, even the destruction of the main structure of concrete (gypsum), the composite masonry mesh Galen remains intact and prevents possible fracture in the future. In 2013, the Russian company "Galen" offered to the mass consumer in the Russian and European market an innovative solution - a composite masonry grid ROCKMESH, made of basalt or fiberglass rebar ROCKBAR, the development of which was started in 2007, is recognized today one of the best alternatives conventional steel reinforcement. Metal corrosion resistant, sufficiently rapidly loses strength by high humidity and corrosive chemicals (salts) that are part of a widespread concrete mixture, so reinforced concrete structures, including, industrial floors, port facilities and road surfaces, eventually get damaged and destroyed. Strong masonry composite mesh Galen, buy the most favorable in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region conditions, delivery, is an innovative material, the use of which for construction projects in the field of modern civil, industrial and housing, road construction not only significantly increases the reliability and durability designs, thereby prolonging the service life of all sorts of buildings, but also optimizes all aspects of the process of their construction, greatly reducing the ra zmer final estimates. Domestic kladochnaja mesh Galen produced on high-tech equipment is located on Cheboksary (Republic debugging) plant comes in two convenient format - you can select the sheets (so-called "cards") or rolls; when placing the order du jour experts pay special attention to the peculiarities of specific projects and the wishes of buyers a chance to buy the most suitable to the size of the product of the highest quality. Today used in almost all spheres of activity - engineering and power engineering, shipbuilding and aerospace engineering, and construction (civil, industrial and road) - composites, which, like masonry composite mesh Galen, obtained by the combination of the available materials known, gradually replacing traditional artificial and natural materials, due to significant superiority, including strength, light weight, durability, low cost and the possibility of operation in cl zhnyh conditions. For example, humid or corrosive environments: such as alkaline concrete mortar. The most popular, diverse and popular composites consist of a plastic base or matrix which is reinforced with fillers - such as basalt and glass fiber serving as "raw material" for the production of masonry grid Galen outperform metal in almost all respects. Domestic kladochnaja mesh ROCKMESH several times stronger and lighter than usual steel reinforcement, which, incidentally, increases the profitability of the construction of buildings and structures by reducing the labor and time use, has greater resistance to moisture and chemicals, and are also cheaper - because more low cost; composite materials and technologies for their production, as a rule, environmentally friendly and safe. For example, carbon dioxide in the manufacture of masonry grid ROCKMESH enter the atmosphere up to 40 times less (!) Than in the production of metal. Innovative, in many respects unique products established in 2001 Nikolaevym V. N., engineer and part-time inventor, and (as shown by the time!), A successful entrepreneur and a qualified head of the company "Galen", appreciated highly appreciated by customers not only from Russia and the former CIS countries, but also from Europe. Moreover, today in the UK operates a complete sell the unit, in addition to the dealer network consisting of more than 40 participants in our country and the countries of the former CIS; head modern production facility is located in Cheboksary (Chuvash Republic), however in 2012 the company "Galen" opened production in Mogilev (Belarus). It should be noted that in 2008, after obtaining the certificate ISO 9001-2000, in manufacturing has implemented a quality management system according to international standards, and in 2009 the domestic production "out" on the European market with a British certificate BBA (British Board of Agreement); a year later the company "Galen" was the winner of the US International Competition "Pultruder the Year" and has received ISO 9001-2008 certificate; in 2011 he became a member of the project company RUSNANO. Composite masonry mesh Galen consists of solidified metallic rods containing a polymeric binder and basalt (glass) fibers, however characterized by lightness and strength, and low thermal conductivity - making products Chuvashia best option for low and high-rise apartment (civil) construction, providing a constantly growing demand with more than democratic pricing. When this composite reinforcement Galen less dense up to two times more durable in comparison with steel, so that the pitch or diameter of the rod decreases; heat conductivity lower than that of concrete, at least an order of magnitude (ie, ten times) - this is a great solution for not lost its relevance problem to minimize heat loss, because traditional metal fittings inevitably becomes "cold bridges". In addition, Mason mesh ROCKMESH magnet and radioparent, a dielectric (i.e., does not carry electric current); It has a granular coating, providing a secure bond with the concrete. Laying composite mesh Galen, perfectly suited for the construction of buildings (structures), intended for use in the climatic conditions of the North-West region, it has a low modulus of elasticity, so that the vibrations are damped quickly and without visible consequences.

Durability Corrosion resistance Lightweight Strength Humidity resistance Dielectric Reinforcement of building structures

Manufacturer's Description

DEAR BUYERS, ATTENTION! COMPOSITE SCREEN 1) ROCKMESH width 0.38 m, area 0.76 sq m, 2) ROCKMESH width of 0.5 m, an area of 1 square meter    is included in the storage program "TD FIV" and sold individually with our stock. The rest of the products are sold to a multiple package of 50 pieces in the package!
Outer diameter: 2.2 mm
Mesh size: 50 * 50 mm
Length: 2 m
Conventional steel reinforcement is largely subject to corrosion - high humidity environment and aggressive chemicals destroy structural elements that causes destruction of such concrete coatings and structures that are part of, including, port facilities and industrial flooring and pavements of concrete. 
"Galen" domestic company experts offer a unique solution to this construction problem by creating alternate new generation material: composite masonry grid ROCKMESH, buy profitable in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region,  today is one of the best deals on the construction materials market - both Russian, and Europe.
For the manufacture of composite masonry grid Galen used rebars ROCKBAR, made of high-quality basalt or glass fiber, which are arranged exactly perpendicular to and securely fixed to the contact node. Thus, the user obtains effective and durable reinforcement with perfect geometry and precise dimensions of a practical form of a roll or sheet (optional) which allows much faster and easier construction. Experts of the company "Galen", discussing the delivery with the buyer, take into account its requirements and features of a particular project to provide basalt or fiberglass reinforcement optimal size: grid length varies, the width is not more than 2 mAnd the minimum mesh size - 50x50 mm.