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Scanning probe microscope


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Optical microscopy with data transmission through the Internet The measurements in air and in liquid Steering sample temperature heating

Measurements in air Measurements in liquid

Manufacturer's Description

Multifunctional scanning probe microscope with full control via the Internet
The instrument combines compact size, powerful software, the possibility of remote access via the Internet with an open architecture, which gives a special opportunity for research - now you can optimize for any microscope, the most accurate experiment.
First-class electronicsFemtoScan comes with its own controller, created on the basis of 16-bit microchips that have historically low noise. Electronics possible to realize a microscope 50 of scanning probe microscopy. On this device, you will be able to carry out research in various fields: chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, nanotechnology and others.
Ease ScanWith FemtoScan You can not only see the objects of submicron size, but also to obtain an atomic or molecular resolution on the surface of crystals and films. The microscope allows repeatedly scan the same area of the sample surface at various zoom levels, giving the opportunity to explore the surface of the structure up to the smallest detail.