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Carbon nanotube

CNT Carbon Nanotube CAS Number : 308068-56-6




We produce the following modifiers (based on CNTs (the CNM “Taunit”) and graphene): · dry mixture of the CNTs and a surfactant; · colloidal solution of the CNTs in an aqueous medium; · masterbatch of the CNTs and a plasticizer; · gel-like dispersion of the CNTs; · pelletized CNTs; · functionalized CNTs; · complex additive on the basis of the CNTs and zeolites; · solution of graphene oxide.

Crack Resistance Mechanical Resistance Workability Durability Water resistance Frost resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Complex multifunctional carbon nanoadditives are intended for manufacturing high-tech concrete and construction materials to be used in various applications. They improve the physical, mechanical and operational characteristics of construction composites, frost resistance, durability, workability, crack resistance and water resistance of concrete, and reduce cement consumption down to 20% while maintaining the strength characteristics. Nanomodified concrete samples (Fig. 16a) gain their strength at early time by 30-40 % on average; at their project age, their compressive and flexural strength is 25-30 % higher (at the CNM concentration of 6 10-4 % by weight of cement) than for non-modified samples .
Our results have shown that the nanomodification of lightweight concrete leads to increased (by 1.5-2 times) strength indices of foam concrete and decreased (by 45-50 %) water absorption due to more dense composite structure. The strength characteristics of nanomodified foam glass have been found to be 1.5-2 times higher than those of reference (non-modified) specimens.