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Thermoelectric generator (TEG)


Renewable Energies Batteries

Thermoelectric generator


permanent electric power supply of gas distribution facilities, the laying of electric grids to which requires large financial costs or impossible; permanent electric power supply of gas distribution facilities without a status of a capital construction facility (gas distribution plants); temporary electric power supply of newly constructed facilities before connecting them to the permanent electric power supply; providing of I category of reliability of facilities power supply.
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without moving parts; long-time operation without service maintenance. Proved resource of uninterrupted operation of batteries – is 30 years; warranty period of operation – 3 years; unpretentious to the gas composition and the presence of admixtures; no investments during operation; absence of EMI during the operation in any modes; can be equipped with control block (GTE 200).


Manufacturer's Description

The production of thermoelectric generators (TEG) – is a highly technological process including development of the innovative, highly efficient material and modules being the heart of every thermoelectric generator manufactured by THERMOINTECH Company. Using the best components only in our production and having proved our reliability, we provide flexible solutions to satisfy requirements of our customers.
The generator is designed as a main, backup, emergency source of electric energy for automation, telemetering equipment, communication systems, cathode protection, emergency lighting of gas pipelines facilities and gas distribution systems.
Our devices have no moving parts making them ideal for long autonomous operation in remote and under-populated places. They can be perfectly utilized in hard weather conditions too.
A thermoelectric generator provides for the generation of electric energy in places where standard types of electric energy are not available, the laying along EPL routes is impossible or economically unsound, but there is natural (oil-associated) gas.
The working principle of the thermoelectric generator is based on Seebeck effect — conversion of heat energy into electric energy. The heating occurs due to the combustion of the natural (oil-associated) gas. The generator – is a device consisting of main elements: gas fuel combustion chamber, heat receiver, thermoelectric module, and a radiator. Heating of one end of the thermoelectric module (TEM) and cooling of another end creates the voltage (EMF).