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Scanning probe microscope


Ultrathin films: Oligothiophene monolayers on Silicon IR reflection contrast of thin and soft structures easily detectable. Each of five 3.4 nm steps is resolved. Spatial resolution is better than λ/1000. Phase transition behavior of VO2 film Vanadium dioxide is a natural disordered metamaterial. VO2 film grown on a TiO2 substrate comprises nanoscale islands of metal- and dielectric-phase. Under the heating VO2 film demonstrates phase insulator to metal transition. Same area was measured by s-SNOM at different temperatures. Bright areas show conductive domains and dark areas correspond to dielectric domains. Above critical temperature conductive domains become connected to each other and VO2 film demonstrates conducting properties in macroscale. Due to essential parts of the AFM are made of Ti the instrument demonstrates high stability at temperatures up to 100 0C exhibits extremely low drift: <1 um XY drift for temperature changes from 27 0C to 67 0C. No realignment of NTEGRA Nano IR optics needed.


Excellent spatial resolution Ultralow drift Signal stability

Manufacturer's Description

IR s-SNOM microscopy and spectroscopy with 10 nm spatial resolutionWide spectral range of operation: 3-12 μmIncredibly low thermal drift and high signal stabilityVersatile AFM with advanced modes: SRI (conductivity), KPFM (surface potential), SCM (capacitance), MFM (magnetic properties), PFM (piezoelectric forces)HybriD ModeTM - quantitative nanomechanical mappingIntegration with microRaman (optional)
NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments presents NTEGRA Nano IR - scattering scanning near-field optical microscope (s-SNOM) designed for infrared (IR) spectral range.
AFM probe is located in the focus of optical system which excites sample structure by IR laser and collects the optical response. Collected light is directed to Michelson interferometer for optical analysis.Far-field component of the collected signal is suppressed by using lock-in techniques at cantilever oscillation frequencies. NTEGRA Nano IR system allows detection of near-field signal amplitude and phase. Spatial resolution of IR s-SNOM is about 10 nm and defined only by tip size.