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Scanning probe microscope


With its wide variety of techniques and modes of probe measurements, the TITANIUM measurement complex is applicable for many challenges in science and technology. Scanning with atomic resolution that by TITANIUM can offer is of high demand in physicochemical research of solid surfaces, low-dimensional nanostructures, and nanomaterials. Surface morphology analysis provides parameters of roughness, texture, and anisotropy of the sample surface as well as distributions of adsorbed particles and geometrical characteristics of those particles. Dedicated gentle scanning techniques are now available to study powders, soft materials, biological structures, biomolecules, biopolymers, and to perform measurements in liquid. A peculiar place in applications of TITANIUM is taken by material science. It includes study of adhesion characteristics, friction factors, wear resistance of coatings, elasticity moduli, hardness etc. Wide variety of techniques for measurement of electrical characteristics implemented in TITANIUM (local resistance, surface potential, capacitance, photovoltaic parameters) enables analysis of various functional structures, components of micro-, nano- and molecular electronics, and sensors of many types. TITANIUM offers comprehensive capabilities to study ferroelectrics in terms of their domain structure, hysteresis properties, and thermal characteristics.
Materials Science Morphology


Highly stable system design paired with industry lowest drift and noise values give utmost performance for routine high resolution imaging with TITANIUM. Although first AFM was introduced more than 25 years ago, high resolution imaging is still driving strong competition amongst AFM manufacturers. Outstanding for commercial systems thermal stabilization and 25 fm/√Hz noise level of TITANIUM OBD sensor makes high resolution imaging a routine procedure.

Manufacturer's Description

The TITANIUM Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) incorporates revolutionary developments of NT-MDT to provide the highest level of performance and ease of use. Featuring the Revolution Cartridge for Multi-probe Cartridge operation and innovative HybriD mode paired with low noise and low drift performance TITANIUM sets a new standard in atomic force microscopy.