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Scanning probe microscope


With its wide variety of techniques and modes of probe measurements, the OPEN measurement complex is applicable for many challenges in science and technology. Scanning with atomic resolution that by OPEN can offer is of high demand in physicochemical research of solid surfaces, low-dimensional nanostructures, and nanomaterials.

Manufacturer's Description

Universal fully automated desktop AFM
OPEN is a fully automated desktop AFM. It is much more than just topography imaging tool. Coupled with PX Ultra controller, the OPEN provides the largest suite of AFM measuring techniques.The largest suite of AFM and STM modesPX Ultra controller realizes advanced modes of AFM operation for characterization of electrical, magnetic and nanomechanical properties of the sample.Low noise performanceThe OPEN provides high performance with low noise characteristics. At the heart of the system is a low level of cantilever deflection noise and a robust design of the mechanical loop between the sample and probe achieving 15 pm intrinsic noise in a 1 kHz bandwidth. In addition, the low noise closed loop capacitance sensors and low noise high voltage amplifier of the PX Ultra controller satisfy demanding high resolution imaging requirements.Low drifts and high stabilityThe drift level of the OPEN is ~30 nm/hour. Using the optional thermally stabilized acoustic enclosure allows decreasing this value down to ~10 nm/hour. This provides stable data acquisition even during long-term, ultimate resolution, experiments. Wide range of samples of different sizeAll experiments begin with the sample. The OPEN can be used in either scanning-by-sample or scanning-by-probe configurations. Scanning-by-sample configuration is optimized for small samples and ultimate resolution experiments. Scanning-by-probe configuration is convenient for larger samples, for example 2-inch diameter wafers or standard microscope slides.Sample temperature and environment controlA variety of optional sample stages for the OPEN allow heating or cooling the sample and performing experiments in different environmental conditions like liquid or controlled atmosphereGentle approach algorithmProbe sharpness is critical for acquiring perfect AFM images, but sometimes the probe might be damaged during the approach proce-dure even before the beginning of the experiment. NT-MDT has deve-loped a phase sensitive algorithm that guaranties gentle approach.