Registration Date 16 Jun 2017

Nano-emulsion cosmetic / nano-emulsion bases for the production of cosmetic products


Cosmetics Skin Care

Cosmetics Additive


cosmetic creams, gels, oils for skin care body and face; oral hygiene products (tooth paste, in liquid form); balms and conditioners for hair; cosmetics for bathing and shower; Cosmetic sanitary detergents; cosmetic liquid, powder, and compact equipment; Laminating finished products
Cosmetics Hair treatments


Sanitary Hygienic

Manufacturer's Description

The production site " KorolevFarm " is equipped with all the necessary engineering and technical communications, and has a resolution on the right to the production of works in the packaging of food products and production of biologically active food additives, as well as a wide range of cosmetics, oral hygiene, raw materials for cosmetics - herbal extracts herbs, confirmed by the expert opinion of the site, issued by the competent authority Rospotrebnadzor.One of the achievements of "KorolevFarm" was the fact that the company for the first time in the history of the cosmetic industry has used unique methods in the creation of a thin fine nanoemulsion. The process of mixing the components and encapsulation of active substances into nanoparticles takes place at a great pressure on the pin, followed by a drop of negative pressure - the effect of cavitation and huge mixing turbine rotation speed. emulsion particle size is 40 - 100 nm, as confirmed by studies AkzoNobel (Sweden) during testing colloid mill to a "heavy" bitumen emulsions.
The photo presented creamy emulsion samples obtained from the homogenizer and using the new technology on hydrocavitation mill. Readability micrometric scale = 0,2mkm = 200nm (1000nm = 1 micron)
A sample of cosmetic cream homogenizer (magnification 1500). The size of the microparticles creamy emulsion is from 0.3 to 0.9 microns, i.e., from 300 to 900nm.