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Mask eye cream with Nanosomes 35+


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Bulid "Crow's feet" around the eyes Bulid Reduced tone and elasticity of the skin Bulid Dark circles under the eyes, swelling of eyelids Bulid dry, dehydrated skin


Smoothing wrinkles Bulid tone Raising and removal of signs of skin fatigue Bulid eliminate dark circles under the eyes Bulid nutrition and hydration of the skin around the eyes Bulid Reduction of swelling eyelids

Anti-wrinkle Skin Hydrating Skin Nourishing Eye Dark Circle Removal

Manufacturer's Description

The mask is designed specifically to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes, resulting from fatigue and aging. Mask significantly reduces wrinkles, improves the appearance of the eye contour and returns the youth to your eyes. 
Normalizing blood circulation and nutrition of the cells in the eye mask to avoid surgery to get rid of bags and wrinkles around the eyes. Mask stimulates oxygen delivery to cells, resulting in the immediate and effective fat burning that causes swollen bags under the eyes. 
The mask helps the skin to deliver "biological energy" of the cell and stimulates the absorption of skin nutrients. Eliminating excess fat and water that has accumulated under the eyes, tightens the skin painlessly. Tangible results can be achieved within a few minutes after application. Cream mask has a marked antioxidant effect: prevents the formation of free radicals, is opposed to the light and the biological aging of the skin. Enriched with nutrients and moisturizes the skin under the eyes, removes signs of fatigue. 
Mask eye cream - a cosmeceutical of a new generation, which includes a unique nanocomplex wide variety of nutrient culture medium (salts of macroelements, glucose, lipoid acid, sodium pyruvate, amino acids, ascorbic acid, biotin, panthenol, choline chloride, inosine, nicotinamide, pyridoxal , riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B12, ribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleotides) fitosahara and low molecular fragments of hyaluronic acid. Nanosomes lipid with active ingredients involved in the hydro-lipid metabolism, beneficial effects on the skin, nourish and moisturize the skin, stimulate the cellular organization and slow down the aging process. Bionanokompleksy actively rejuvenate the cells, accelerate her metabolism, eliminate listlessness and dull color of the skin around the eyes, making it radiant. Hypoallergenic formula. Comfortable to use.