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• Gidrolaktiv - it's completely natural feed supplement domestic production. • Gidrolaktiv has a double effect on the animal organism: enhances productivity by nutrients contained in the additive, and has a stabilizing effect on the gastrointestinal microflora due to lactic acid microorganisms, increasing thus the resistance of the animal body. • At minimum input rate: 1-2% dry matter of feed - maximum cost-effectiveness. • The versatility and simplicity in application: Gidrolaktiv diluted with any kind of feed - feed, cereal, water, milk (milk replacer); It can be used in granular feed; when used in silage significantly improves the quality of silage; • An increase in average daily weight gain - up to 15%; • Increasing the safety of livestock; • Improved feed conversion of 10-15%; • Reductions in cultivation; • Increased productivity; • Prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; • Improvement of the bone tissue of the body (joints); • Improving the reproductive functions; • Prevention of diarrhea.

Natural Material An increase in average daily weight gain Increasing the safety of livestock Improved feed conversion Reductions in cultivation

Manufacturer's Description

Gidrolaktiv - is the complex feed additive comprising a hydrolyzed whey protein, oligopeptides and free amino acids, calcium lactate, all B vitamins, vitamin C, se soluble vitamins, β-carotene, enzymes, micro-and macrocells, polysaccharides and other biologically active substances, as well as the living culture lactobacillus.Gidrolaktiv comes in two forms:
Gidrolaktiv calcium dry - powder mass, white and yellow.Kraft sold in 25 kg bags and plastic bags of 0.5 kg.Storage conditions: in packaging products in dry, clean, well-ventilated room at a relative humidity of 75% and a temperature of 23 ° C ± 2.Shelf life: 12 months when stored as recommended.
Gidrolaktiv calcium thickened - opaque plastic mass of light yellow color with greenish or brown tinge and characteristic milky flavor. Sold in pails 10L and polystyrene banks of 3 kg and 0.25 kg.Storage conditions: in packaging products in a clean, well-ventilated room at a temperature of from 0 ° C ± 2.Shelf Life: 6 months when stored as recommended.Normal input feed additive Gidrolaktiv: 0.7-2% by weight of dry matter feed.