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Registration Date 18 Jun 2017



Petroleum Coatings

Fire Proofing Insulation


- Steel structures in oil refinery plant infrastructure - Chemical production facilities including those which are a source of weak and medium acid or alkaline environment - Open and closed parking areas, stands, fly-over bridges - Civil engineering facilities without any restrictions - Other facilities where application of fire retarding paints without finishing coats is a better option.


- Good market price; - Low consumption with very high fire protective and physical and mechanical characteristics; - When used together with LCTIM, the coat does not impair its thermo-physical properties (including those of competing brands) and allows the system to get the non-flammable rating; - Unlike its equivalents, Bronya Fire Protection should be colored, but this does not impair fire resistance of the surface; - Profitable option for fire protection tasks; - Rational labor costs and low cost of production of works. - The coat (without additional protection layer) is designed for application inside buildings for 30 years. Quality of Bronya Fire Protection composition enables what before has been considered impossible in Russia: to protect light steel structures reaching R120 rating. The composition has been specifically developed for use in sports and infrastructure facilities where structural load is low with a large area of constructions and bearing steel mass factors are small. With all this, traditional advantages of the Bronya Fire Protection coat are entirely preserved which are low cost, easy application and long service life. Fire protection tasks for each facility are different. Our specialists help to choose the best option for each purpose. Recommendations on protection system choice, development of technical specifications, expert approvals, calculations. Engineering team will advise on design issues concerning fire safety as well as preparation for performing the works. In some cases our consultations lead to significant reduction of fire protection costs.

Mechanical Resistance Fire prevention

Manufacturer's Description

Bronya Fire Protection components enhance fire endurance of steel structures, industrial and civil facilities from 45 to 120 minutes. Fire retarding properties comply with GOST P 53295-2009. 
Fire retarding paint or Bronya Fire Protection (R45, R60, R90, R120) is used to improve fire safety of enclosing structures. Application procedure for the protection material is simple, making any additional installation works unnecessary. Fire protective paints are reliable and durable and therefore fire protection using paint is convenient and reasonable. This is most true for hard-to-reach places because you don't have to disassemble structures to perform repeated fire suppression works.When the coat is heated, fumes and inert gases which slow down and do not sustain combustion are exhaled to replace oxygen thus ensuring fire protection. Therefore, fire retarding paints not only block thermal convection but also considerably mitigate and suppress flame. At the same time, the upper layer thickens, cokes up and stiffens. The paints contain fire retarding agents, special gas-forming agents, foaming layer stabilizers and heat-resistant elements based on the polymer binder.