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RatisSPM XYZ plane-parallel nano piezo scanning stage


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Piezo scanning stage



Manufacturer's Description

RatisSPM XYZ - basic model of a nano piezo scanning stage. It has high stiffness in all directions, it allows to scan with high speed and resolution, stage is specially designed for SPM applications. RatisSPM XYZ piezo stage are capable of moving the objects with sub-nanometer precision. 
Piezo stages are made of solid metal bulk processed with EDM wire-cutting and precise CNC machining. Movable central part hangs on flexible springs and is driven with piezo actuators. Ratis design provides excellent linearity and flatness of the movement, in contrast to the classical scanners based on piezoelectric tubes, where the scan surface is a sphere. In addition, plane-parallel scanners have higher mechanical strength, compared with fragile piezoelectric tubes.

RatisSPM XYZ multi-axes scanners are equipped with capacitive displacement sensors for digital closed-loop control.Ratis SPMRatis SPM It provides high accuracy and linearity of movement and eliminates the creep effect of piezoceramics. Capacitance measurements are made with TDC (time-to-digital conversion) technology where all measuring electronics is located as close as possible to the sensors. Such a design leads to the low noise and high speed displacement control.
To control RatisSPM XYZ piezo stages universal controllers EG-3000 or EG-1000 are used as well as NSpec software.
Applications of RatisSPM XYZ include scanning probe microscopy (e.g. atomic force microscopy), nanopositioning, metrology, biology research, microelectronics, micromanipulation etc.