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There was domestic opinion that the prefix "nano" is not development, which last for many years and spent on them huge amounts of money and man-hours, but only a figment of the imagination of marketers and designers who need to make a colorful label and be included in the product name prefix nano ... So nANO what and why we are so insistent in our positioning in the market for this service? Contrary to popular domestic opinion, all NANO is a unique composition, which has been developed for the regeneration of a long-term reaction of protection gloss paint 1-K-Nano-Lackversiegelung from the company «Koch Chemie GmbH» (Koh Chemistry Germany). This product is a special regeneration shampoo containing reagents which have been developed by the association of two (or more) chemical particles bound together by intermolecular forces. Yes, the structure of which is created in the course of washing is not long. So then you get here and what delights of parting with the extra money if you can not try it on the tooth and feel. The main difference between shampoo NANOMAGIC GLANZWACHSSHAMPOO MIT NANO-KONSERVIERER from other shampoos, even if we are talking about Koch Chemie company's products, the process of washing is the safest in all directions. When applying a solution or a foam to the surface refinishing instantly creates a structure with an increased friction reducing effect on the treated surface. Structure is created around the smallest contaminants, similar to the human by increasing the growth "Zorb" ball. Something is inside, but to touch the surface does not have the possibility, if not outright clumps of dirt, then NANO powerless technology as if, for example, put a ball "Zorb" man weighing more than 200 kg., It's just his tear. 1. It creates sustained-gloss paint finish stronger than when EvroMoyke and all the ensuing advantages. 2. The principle of such a washing remains the same as in EvroMoyke, you do not need to think about what you have at the moment dirtier and try to pay attention to this Car washing contamination. 3. The vehicle is processed in a complex and is given in a brilliant condition. No wonder the company slogan «Koch Chemie GmbH» sounds like this - "A brilliant result" and the company is responsible for the quality of products, rather than the other "producer" for the beautiful labels and inscriptions on the bottle. You can even add that the composition NANOMAGIC GLANZWACHSSHAMPOO passed tests with the company Daimler AG, and has been recommended and taken to the lineup delivered goods as care and preservative matt paintwork. This specification is officially headquartered in Gotis sheet für Mattlacke Mercedes Benz № P 00.16 - 02.0. «Koch Chemie GmbH» company first started an action on entering the Russian market quality service vehicles and technologies today that are offered to you are the exact copy of the service 100% disseminated and their use throughout Europe.

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In life, we constantly encounter new discoveries and achievements, but sometimes that has been running for ten years, we simply forget or borrow only what that part of the process of the whole complex of necessary actions to obtain the ideal result. What do we mean? A simple example: you brush your teeth with toothpaste? This question is all the answer in the affirmative "YES". But there are a liquid agent that kills germs and gives a fresh breath - just enough to rinse their mouths. What do you say But what about the leftover food? Here you will find yourself right at the root! Whatever the means of this, how would you not carefully caress your mouth, you still need a toothbrush to remove food residues. And here is the second question: Are you going to clean brush teeth without toothpaste? You will answer - "NO". And why? That's right, you can damage the tooth enamel. Now the question: Then why your car always easy to pour the primary structure (touchless car wash), and then immediately wipe drying towels? After all, if you think about the car surface is constructed exactly the same way as our teeth. Enamel serves to protect teeth and lacquer coating motor vehicles is the same protection surface. In this case, symptoms of this same protection are similar to the symptoms of compromising the integrity of the tooth enamel.