Registration Date 18 Jun 2017

The hydrophobic coating for glass


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Self-cleaning Hydrophobe

Manufacturer's Description

Hydrophobic coating to «NanoGlass» Glass - a tool that increases the comfort and safety of use of the vehicle in inclement weather. «NanoGlass» is an invisible film betrays surface soil and water repellency. Means antirain prevent glass contamination than provides better visibility on the road in rainy and snowy weather, as well as at night. NanoGlass perfectly fixed to the surface and resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Validity protective coating antirain from 4 to 6 months. Hydrophobic coating facilitates the removal of dirt, snow and ice with treated glass, reduced consumption antifreeze. When using antirain summer insects, vegetable gums, oil film quietly removed "wipers".
Cured protective coating surface does not glare, without creating the effect of "poured oil" glass.
When the shower on the track "wipers" are working in emergency mode. Action antirain allows you to use the "wipers" as usual - the water is blown off the glass without leaving a drop. This reduces mechanical wear glasses and themselves "janitors". Maximum efficiency is achieved when driving over 60 km / h.