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Nano Wood & Stone Olympic Nano 5 liters.


Construction Masonry Materials

Self-cleaning Coating


Untreated wood: Wooden tables, carports, verandas, garden fence - all can be a long period of time to protect from dirt, moisture and defeat moss. However, you should pay attention to the fact that just glazed wood should be kept for about three months, and only then applied nanocoating. Teak is generally not recommended to handle this nanosredstvom because may appear spots and stains. On oiled wood also does not make sense to apply nano-coatings, as oil is the "enemy" of nano-coating. For lacquered wood we recommend to use our Nano Multi-foam. Ideal for building supply stores, joinery and all wood processing enterprises. Clay and terracotta tiles: Every lover of flowers will be glad to know that flower pots can be provided with a dirt-repelling properties. In addition, pots longer retain the original color • Ideal for garden centers and enterprises that produce products of clay mineral surfaces: mineral surfaces, such as many types of stones used for gravestones, require frequent maintenance, as they are particularly well growing moss. Mineral surfaces Processing "Nano wood and stone" Marseille Nano prevents the adhesion of dirt and clay on the monument, as well as loss moss stone. Very simple cleansing with water is enough to the surface for a long time could please the eye clean and well maintained. • Ideal for stonemasons and sculptors Natural Stone and Marble: Natural stones that so often decorate gardens, as well as marble and expensive, it is desirable to protect the environment from the destructive effects as long as possible. Whether we are talking about gravestones, monuments or stone sculptures. As a result, processing nanosredstvom these things for a long time will have optimum protection against environmental influences, pollution and destruction moss. Ideal for stonemasons and sculptors
Stone Wood


The air permeability remains unchanged Nanoformiruet surface with open pores Prevents weathered wood surfaces Long protects the surface against water, dirt, grease and oil prevents damage surfaces moss, lichen, etc. Contamination (also fat and oil) can easily be washed off with plain water

UV Protection Air Permeability Anti-moss

Manufacturer's Description

Nano Wood & Stone Olympic Nano - is organic and inorganic protection for the wood and stone water-based, developed on the basis of modern nanotechnology. Self-organizing anti-adhesive (non-stick) surface components form an invisible film hydro- and oleophobic properties. 'Nano Wood & Stone »Percenta can be versatile to use on porous absorbent surfaces.If you have long been searching for an invisible and multi-functional tools for impregnating various porous surfaces, then you have found what you were looking for. Our "Nano wood and stone" Marseille Nano allows even at first treatment receive invisible repellent and resistant to UV-protective film with impregnating properties which nanoformiruet treated surface for a longer period of time. 
"Nano wood and stone" Marseille Nano does not contain silicone, wax or oil. Breathability processed material does not change even with repeated use. Already after a single application of nano-coating fully manifests all of its properties. Now, the treated surfaces do not need more cover.