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Anti-seize lubricant Nanolube EP2


Petroleum Oils and Lubricants



Rolling and sliding bearings. Propulsion propellers, ball screw, gears, screw, etc., susceptible to high temperature fluctuations, compression and impact loads. Hub bearings, industrial pumps, motor-anchor bearing motors. Centralized lubrication systems, which require an appropriate class NLGI.
Pump assemblies Bearings Gears Screw


The temperature range up to + 130 ° C. Drastic reduction of the wear of bearings and mechanisms; Wide operating temperature range; It is designed to work at high loads; Efficient at high speeds up to 4000 rev / min; Extended drain interval 2 times; Good water resistance, anticorrosion properties and conservation; Exceeds the latest requirements of equipment manufacturers.


Manufacturer's Description

Lubricants Nano-Grease Nanolube series, based on the patented additive Nanol®, unparalleled in the world production of Germany, containing suspended organic metal complex that forms a protective nanolayer on friction surfaces, thus, without entering into chemical reactions with other elements. Thanks to the recovery processes of organometallic complexes with an excess friction nanolayer is constantly updated, and liquid metals ions are again collected in a micellar structure, which allows a tremendous increase lifespan antiwear properties of lubricants. Formed during operation a protective layer on the surface reduces the friction due to the temperature difference in melting point between the organometallic complex and the metal surface as well as fill the microcracks on the friction surface and thereby completely eliminate hydrogen wear processes.
Grease extreme pressure Nanolube EP2, EP1 - Universal grease thickened with lithium, designed for sites operating in extreme conditions. Specially designed additives include an anti-friction additive Nanol®, provides multiple mechanisms for increasing service life. Operating Temperature Range: -50 to + 130 ° C.
Extreme pressure lubrication Nanolube EP2, EP1 is for use in loaded and high-speed rolling and sliding bearings, angular velocities of the joints, exposed surfaces friction vehicles and tracked vehicles, industrial mechanisms, pumping stations and the like. N.