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Extreme pressure (EP) lubricant Nanolube EP00


Petroleum Oils and Lubricants



Centralized systems of industrial lubrication equipment, automotive and special transport requiring the appropriate class NLGI. Rolling bearings and machinery. plain bearings, spline connection. Gears of low power gearboxes. Mechanisms to reverse the movement. Machinery, working in conditions of high humidity. Cylindrical and planetary gearboxes and geared motors, operating with maximum specific loads in mesh up to 2000 MPa.
Gears Rolling bearings


Long service life; Lowering power consumption and temperature of the oil in the volume; The low starting torque, compared with the conventional greases; Reduced lubricant leakage, topping up is not required; Serviceability at temperatures from -60 ° C to + 130 ° C. Grease does not lose efficiency in conditions of high humidity and abrasive medium, characterized by excellent oxidation stability, does not form varnish and sludge and maintains a stable viscosity under normal working conditions, and at elevated temperatures provides more efficient lubrication than conventional lubricants.

Pressure Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Lubricants Nano-Grease Nanolube series, based on the patented additive Nanol®, unparalleled in the world production of Germany, containing suspended organic metal complex that forms a protective nanolayer on friction surfaces, thus, without entering into chemical reactions with other elements. Thanks to the recovery processes of organometallic complexes with an excess friction nanolayer is constantly updated, and liquid metals ions are again collected in a micellar structure, which allows a tremendous increase lifespan antiwear properties of lubricants. Formed during operation a protective layer on the surface reduces the friction due to the temperature difference in melting point between the organometallic complex and the metal surface as well as fill the microcracks on the friction surface and thereby completely eliminate hydrogen wear processes.
Anti-seize lubricant Nanolube EP00, EP000 - multipurpose grease based on mineral oil, lithium complex as thickening agent. Nanolube EP00, EP000 contains corrosion inhibitors and aging, as well as specially designed antiwear / anti-friction additive Nanol®.