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Love Lake Platinum & Gold Formula - toning nano-lotion


Cosmetics Skin Care



It can be used in the morning, afternoon and evening. After washing, apply a dry cotton pad or palm a small amount of lotion and light massage, rub the whole face


Gives a pleasant feeling of freshness, increases the susceptibility to subsequent maintenance procedures; It stimulates the renovation process and improves the complexion; It restores the protective layer of the skin, preventing dehydration; Saturates cell nutrients and vitamins; It fills the skin with energy for the whole day; Matiruet and prevents undesirable elements

Skin Moisturizing Skin Nourishing

Manufacturer's Description

Daily aggressive environmental influences have a negative impact on skin condition, so she just need to take care - effective cleaning.
Nano Skin Lotion active elements stimulates the renewal process and improves the complexion.
Gentle lotion Nano Skin Lotion (Love Lake) further cleanses the skin from makeup residues. It nourishes and tones the skin, deeply moisturizes, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and makes the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments daily vitamin-enriched care.
Ingredients:platinum, gold, silver, arginine, Q10, ceramides 1,3,6-11, glycerol, phytosphingosine, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, vitamin B5, C, E, tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, hydrolyzed collagen, carnitine, lecithin, bearberry leaf extract , kelp extract, royal jelly extract, peanut oil, Tabebuia bark extract, serine, glycine, leucine, valine, taurine, alanine, allantoin, sorbitol, glutamic acid, hyaluronic acid, sodium aspartate, tyrosine, phenylalanine, proline, peg ( PEG) Bo hydrogenated castor oil, alanine, allantoin, ascorbyl tetraizopalmitat, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, sodium bicarbonate, butylene glycol, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate, water, hydrogenated lecithin, hydrolyzed wheat flour, histidine HTSL, glycosyl trehalose, sodium hyaluronate disodium, disodium inosinate, diglitsirin, isoleucine, carbomer, xanthan gum, sodium lauroyl lactylate, leucine, lysine HTSL, honey, methylparaben, sodium aspartate, panthenol, pentetovaya acid propiparaben, retinyl palmitate, saccharide isomerate, squalane, sorbitol, threonine , Cellulose gum, ethanol