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Construction Masonry Materials

Concrete Additive


Simplify the process of concrete grout. Simplification of concrete placement. Excellent alternative toppings. Reducing the burden on workers. It gives additional time for the grout surface (30 min). It helps to get excellent results even under adverse conditions (low humidity, sun, wind, high temperatures). Concrete hardens, improves abrasion resistance, increases toughness. It reduces the risk of hairline cracks, delamination and cracking of concrete. Compacts concrete surface, making it less permeable to liquids, and more resistant to contamination. It acts in part as a concrete curing agent, reducing the evaporation of moisture from the surface ASTM F1869. Reduces efflorescence on the concrete surface. It reduces the possibility of alkali-silica reaction. Caring for polished concrete, increase its strength and water resistance. Additive in concrete to increase strength and chemical resistance. It reduces potential torsion plate.


Penetration low viscosity and small molecular size allows the composition to penetrate as deeply into the concrete Reduced labor costs when grout LITSIL ® H30 forms the fresh concrete structure which acts as a lubricant that reduces labor costs and prevents premature evaporation of water from the concrete surface, thereby increasing the operating time with the surface The work in difficult conditions reducing the evaporation of moisture from the concrete, LITSIL ® H30 makes it possible to grout concrete in adverse conditions - high temperature, low humidity, wind Reliability composition acts on a chemical level, transforming the surface of the entire service life of concrete. It does not form a film and does not require recoating. Not broken concrete solidity and ability to "breathe." The mineral composition of the nature makes it immune to external weather conditions Rapid dedusting removes itself cause dusting concrete - calcium carbonate hydrate compound. After drying, the composition of the surface of the concrete is no longer dusty High chemical and abrasion resistance is achieved by a high content of silica. Application of ultra-high pure compounds of silicon can convert more calcium compounds in the resistant and durable silicates with a minimum of composition

Chemical Stability Environmentally Friendly Abrasion Resistance Strength

Manufacturer's Description

LITSIL ® H30 - a unique product for sealing, hardening and curing concrete, effective means of improving the characteristics of the finishing surface, and helps in the processing of the concrete surface smoothers machines. LITSIL ® H30 contains no volatile organic substances highly economical, environmentally safe and highly effective in extending the life of the concrete floors and in reducing costs during manufacture and subsequent operation. LITSIL ®  H30 maximizes concrete and manifests lubricity, reducing labor costs during grouting.
LITSIL ® H30 - impregnation based nano polysilicates for chemical hardening concrete compaction and dedusting. Nano-structure of the material allows it to penetrate deeply into the concrete, the most efficient binding and transforming hydroxide and calcium carbonate in solid, thermally and chemically stable silicate. Due to this, it stops dust separation with a concrete surface, increases density and strength, abrasion and chemical resistance, there is a gradual polishing of the machined surface in places severe exposure.