Registration Date 18 Jun 2017

Ceramic Pro


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish




reliable corrosion protection on 10+ years increases the resistance to scratching and chipping absolute resistance to chemicals and UV superhydrophobic effect It updates the color and gives a glossy shine property anti-graffiti anti-rain and anti-ice withstands 120 washes the service life of 24 months and above

Anti-graffiti UV Protection Corrosion resistance Hydrophobe

Manufacturer's Description

PokrytieCeramic PRO - is a latest generation of body protection against accidental damage and negative environmental impact. More and more motorists walking in step with the times, prefer this multifunction Nanoceramic protective coating. Ceramic PRO provides reliable protection against corrosion for 10 years or more. The principle of coating action is to create a hydrophobic effect by high surface tension, whereby the liquid is collected in drops and rolls down from the surface, collecting with dust and dirt. The car is much less likely to have to wash. High chemical resistance to protect the car from the reactants and allows coating even as an anti-graffiti. Covering Ceramic PRO is completely transparent and makes the vehicle color is more vivid and saturated. The undoubted advantage is the presence in the coating of special filters that block ultraviolet radiation. As a result, the treated surface does not fade when exposed to sunlight, and the car is less heated in the hot weather.