Registration Date 18 Jun 2017

Ceramic Pro Light


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish




superhydrophobic effect resistance to corrosion and UV updating and color saturation facilitates cleaning of the surface excellent weather resistance can withstand 50 washes life of 9-12 months

UV Protection Corrosion resistance Hydrophobe

Manufacturer's Description

Seramic Pro Light - one of the most amazing products of Ceramic Pro Series. It can be called a healing balm for the paint of the car. Colored surfaces treated Seramic Pro Light, do not burn and do not fade, since nano-coating comprises a UV blocker. Moisture, snow, rain drops quickly and easily roll, nezaderzhivayas on the car surface, taking with them dirt and dust. Formula Ceramic Pro Light lite concentration nanoceramics not so intense in Ceramic PRO, however, the hydrophobic effect as strong.Colorless protection Pro Light Seramic creates flawless protective layer that can not be exposed to water and liquids, and an additional optical effect makes your car look as if he had just left the showroom. Product consumption is minimal. 1 for processing vehicle sufficiently 20- 25 ml. Not necessarily to change the car to a new expedient, but to preserve its appearance in perfect condition today under the force of any motorist using a series Ceramic Pro tools, and in particular Seramic Pro Light. Cover the car with a protective layer Pro Light Seramic you can own, but you can also use the services of professional polishers. Included is a special applicator for applying and detailed instructions for use with a link to the video. To keep your car in perfect form, it is sufficient to apply a layer Seramic Pro Light semiannually.