Registration Date 18 Jun 2017

Ceramic Pro Leather


Automotive Maintenance

Leather Sealant




It used to protect absolutely all items made of leather It prevents any contamination (including paint and traces of jeans) the surface is easy to clean renews and enriches the color superhydrophobic effect resistance to ultraviolet excellent weather resistance life of 6-9 months

Weatherability UV Protection Hydrophobe Contaminant resistant

Manufacturer's Description

Car leather interior - it's beautiful, respectable and stylish. However, the surface of the skin on the seats is constantly exposed to mechanical stress, friction during movement. In the hot season the moisture evaporates, leaving the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry and brittle. In the cold season is also exposed to frost. All this leads to the fact that the cabin loses his presentable appearance. Protect the skin from damage from heat and cold destructive action is intended to innovative product made on technologies of the future Seramic Pro Leather. Seramic Pro Leather - is unique in its composition. After applying it to the surface, on the products it is absolutely the finest invisible hydrophobic layer that protects the skin for 6-9 months. Color of products is updated, it becomes saturated, and will not fade under the influence of solar ultraviolet radiation. Ceramic Pro Leather recommended to apply after interior cleaning. Included is a special applicator for applying and detailed instructions for use referring to the video. In addition to leather upholstery car, Seramic Pro Leather can be applied on any leather products: jackets, coats, bags, briefcases and shoes. This will keep the beautiful look of things for a long time.