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Registration Date 18 Jun 2017

MasterKure 216 WB


Construction Masonry Materials

Concrete Additive


MasterKure 216WB suitable mainly for surfaces that will be subsequently covered by a layer of another material. before stacking another layer of material must be complete removal means. MasterKure 216WB applied by a suitable spray device (high-pressure pulverizer is preferably a flat nozzle size 1 mm) prior to concrete setting. Note: The protective effect of the tool depends on the uniformity and integrity of wrought film. It is necessary to eliminate the presence of water on the surface prior to application of the material. On vertical surfaces which will not be subsequently coated with a layer of another material may be applied MasterKure 216WB immediately after removal of formwork. The required volume of coating material is determined as follows: fill sprayer MasterKure 216WB pictures in the volume, e.g., 5 kg (~ 5 L). Possible to process a given volume of surface area of ​​about 20-25 m². When properly applied after the application of spray material to the area of ​​20-25 m² must remain empty. The treated surface should be painted in a uniform white color. Another possibility - spray means by means of the corresponding spray device on a film with a certain area and to measure the actual volume used by weighting material. In the case of stacking another layer of material after application of the protective film must complete its removal, for example, grit blasting, sand blasting or diffusion pump hot water cleaning action of the solvent. Heat treatment and rough grinding, as experience has shown, proved to be unsuitable for this type of treatment. We recommend that prior to coating to test for grasping.


Protecting concrete from drying - reducing shrinkage cracking, high strength properties, reduced dust generation, wear resistance improvement, reduction in the permeability of the surface layer; Sprayer is used for application - easy application; Is applied to the fresh concrete - saving time; Does not require any additional actions by a curing (PE film cover, irrigation water); Means small consumption per 1 m 2 concrete surface - saving material.


Manufacturer's Description

The film-forming agent based on paraffin for concrete curing compounds.
MasterKure 216WB - the means to care for the concrete to prevent drying of fresh concrete. The product was applied immediately after laying the concrete mix. After application MasterKure 216WB product formed protective film which prevents evaporation of water during concrete hardening. High insulating effect ensures optimum flow of the hydration process. This results in a good set strength and minimizes cracking of the drying shrinkage.