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Mitsubishi NanoBenefit 3G Series


Printing Ink



Manufacturer Asserted


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4
Diameter : 2 nm


Plastics Electronics


Electrical Conductivity

Manufacturer's Description

The evolution of producing printed electronics — printing semiconducting organic polymers or conductive ink on paper or plastic to create electronically functional devices — is taking a leap forward. NanoBenefit 3G Series makes time-consuming and capital-intensive thermal curing and other additional processes that are traditionally used to produce conductors no longer required.Creating functional electronic devices faster, more easily and more cost-effectively is vital to research institutions, development engineers and integrators alike. Applications, once too complex or cost-prohibitive, are now viable with advanced Silver Nano Inkjet technology. These new manufacturing methods will play an increasingly important role in a wide range of both established and emerging applications.Mitsubishi Imaging, a respected leader in the printing industry, is recognized for its innovative development and application of conductive and resistive inks. Drawing upon on our proprietary dispersion and nano technology, we have created the NanoBenefit 3G Series, a revolutionary approach to printing electronics.
Whether it be in research labs or in test areas, development engineers can print with Diamond Jet Silver Nano particle ink on a variety of Mitsubishi specially treated media for conductivity in seconds without heat or flash exposure sintering. With this simple method, it’s possible to create electro-conductive patterns and test them immediately.Mitsubishi’s NanoBenefit 3G Series delivers performance you can rely on. Our confidence in these fast conductivity results comes from years of testing our Diamond Jet Silver Nano particle ink formulation as well as the development of our specially designed media composition.Available in three different substrates, the self-sintering Mitsubishi special inkjet media utilizes an adhesion layer to ensure pattern integrity, a micro-porous, solvent-absorbing layer for flexibility, image quality and instant dry benefits. The proprietary chemical sintering agents produce instant electrical conductivity and the resultant patterns look like gold foil stamping.
Whatever your application, Mitsubishi offers the proper substrate type to suit your needs. Available in rolls or sheets, Silver Nano special media includes resin-coated paper, and transparent and white PET films