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FSP 3000


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Scalable optical transport


High-bandwidth applications

Manufacturer's Description

Service providers and enterprises are faced with an increasingly complex networking environment. The continued explosion in bandwidth demand combined with growing expectations to access data-intensive applications wherever you are and with the lowest latency possible is rapidly changing our global networks. To ensure continued profitability, it is vital that networks are built on a scalable optical foundation that can grow with changing business demands. Our FSP 3000 is designed for this purpose.To ensure continued profitability, it’s critical that service providers and enterprises simplify their network architectures and automate their infrastructures. Not only does this significantly reduce operational costs, but it also enables new services to be turned up with the simple click of a button. Our FSP 3000 adds a new dimension to flexible service delivery. You will experience true network automation, dynamic routing and superior scalability. Simplify your network operations and embrace new revenue opportunities.The only certainty for tomorrow’s network is the continued demand for bandwidth and the need to deliver it to any location as quickly as possible. The two technologies that will accommodate this demand are optical and Ethernet. Our FSP 3000 is built on an Optical+Ethernet foundation, providing our customers with a future-proof networking solution that will scale to tomorrow’s unconstrained data transport needs.