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Perenium LX


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All products are combined with a bespoke in-situ application method. Adinotec delivers a scientifically grounded technology package to assures optimum efficiency in construction: fast work progress limited road closures to traffic drastically reduced environmental footprint In-situ-application means there is no need for excavating the old road aggregate and trucking it away to landfills or to recycling plants. Adinotec's process re-mills all acceptable old asphalt and aggregates to obtain a homogenous grain-size range. The in-situ-reworked aggregate material is evenly blended with hydraulic binder material and Perenium in precisely measured quantities and during accurately timed working windows to yield optimum strength and water resistance. Toxic residues in the old roadbeds are neutralised. Also, since no new material has to be brought in, the project carbon footprint can be cut down below a tenth compared with traditional road construction methods. Faster work progression, less truck runs, shorter closing times for traffic - they all result in cost savings and in an environmentally sustainable way of building roadways.
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Manufacturer's Description

Perenium LX is a latex based Polymer in liquid form. It is combined with hydraulic binders used in base course stabilisation, but also in soil improvement measures under difficult conditions.