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Scanning electron microscope (SEM)


Compact & flexible Small and practical Plug-and-play system with modular components Interfacing solutions for most SEM/FIB instruments (including load-lock compatibility) Fast setup and removal Pioneering cabling technology Clear & simple Intuitive control interfaces and software User-friendly and easy to learn Quick and easy probe tip exchange Compact, stand-alone electronics Effortless work with multiple manipulators Robust & stable Excellent stability Low drift (1 nm/min) Reliable operation (one year endurance test) Virtually insusceptible to vibrations Fast pre-positioning by hand Fast & precise High operating velocity (up to 10 mm/sec) Sub-nanometer resolution (0.25 nm) No backlash or reversal play Extensive working range Coarse and fine displacement in one drive

Versatility High operating velocity

Manufacturer's Description

The current challenge in the field of microscopy is to add the 'hand' function to the electron microscope to allow physical manipulation and characterization at the micro- and nanoscale. The NanoWorkstation is a powerful, dedicated system that performs such tasks with ease and can be integrated into most commercially available SEMs and FIBs.
The NanoWorkstation makes high-end manipulation practical and affordable for industrial and research labs, allowing you to remain competitive in a world where critical dimensions are now in the nanometer range.
The module-based system offers high versatility, giving you the flexibility to perform numerous different specialized applications by simply changing the tool attached to the front of the manipulator, whether it is moving, assembling, preparing, rotating, pushing, probing, feeling, listening, gripping or any other task you can imagine.