Registration Date 1 Aug 2017

SuperFlat AFM


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AFM imaging Scanning electron microscope (SEM)


3D information from simultaneous SEM and AFM pictures Notably compact (height 10 mm) Simple to operate Load-lock compatible Extremely stable operation Easy sample and tip exchange without laser adjustment Can be used in combination with micromanipulators and other in-situ and ex-situ tools Works in air and in SEM Intuitive control interfaces and software Reliable operation (one year endurance test) Virtually insusceptible to vibrations

Manufacturer's Description

The SuperFlat AFM combines the power of SEM and AFM. Information on lateral dimensions and material from in-situ inspection can be complemented by precise AFM topographical and frictional information. The effortless availability of these two sets of data is unique to such a system and opens new avenues of investigation and characterisation.
The most amazing feature of the SuperFlat AFM is its size. The tool is flat and compact enough to fit through the majority of SEM load-locks, allowing ease of use and increasing throughput. In addition, its size offers enormous stability and vibration dampening advantages, which are particularly attractive when using the tool ex-situ.
Design efforts also included ensuring easy handling and tip exchange. A sample or tip exchange takes only a minute and a tedious laser adjustment process is not required.