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The EpiR TT family of products: uncompromising analytical power


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Spectroscopic thin-film growth monitoring

Manufacturer's Description

EpiR is an in-situ metrology system for full spectroscopic thin-film growth monitoring. Based on a detector array (DA), it provides full spectroscopic measurement of the normalized and absolute reflectance. Emissivity Corrected Pyrometry (ECP) for wafer temperature measurements is also included (True Temperature = TT).
For the reflectance measurement, two different spectroscopic ranges are available:
infrared (IR) spectroscopic range for InP and GaAs applications: 500 nm ... 1000 nm wavelength - this feature is contained in the EpiR DA IR TT system;ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopic range for GaN and oxide applications: 300 nm ... 770 nm wavelength - this range is provided by the EpiR DA UV TT system.  EpiR TT provides uncompromising analytical power and unmatched insight into epitaxial wafer growth progress. The tool gives real time access to the stop band formation of distributed Bragg reflector structures (DBRs) and the epitaxial evolution of nanowires (see below).LayTec and the Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University (nmC@LU) in Sweden have jointly developed a spectroscopic method for real-time monitoring of III-V nanowire growth. LayTec’s in-situ metrology tool EpiR together with numerical algorithms developed in Lund provide information on the evolution of nanowire length and diameter already during epitaxial growth.