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Microprocessor fan motor control system without any energy conversion power elements - SintelL-1. The system minimizes energy consumption and acoustic noise of the operating cabinet. AIS LS system of air consumption static stabilization provides constant air balance in the working chamber regardless of the degree of the filter clogging. LCD control panel indicates the initiation of the product systems, selected operation modes and process timer. Time of the working chamber UV treatment is set by the process timer which also shows the total UV lamp operating time. The cabinet is equipped with a HEPA filter ensuring the air cleanliness of 99.9995% for 0.3 µm particles. HEPA filter is fastened with springs which ensure the filter tightness for the whole operating life. The structure is completely made of metal. The structure material - steel, powder-coated, resistant to disinfectant treatment. The perforated shelves - stainless steel. The glass - tempered.

Manufacturer's Description

Creating dust-free nonbacterial air environment in the working chamber due to HEPA-filtered pass-through air downflow;Sterile storage and drying of agents and bacterial cultures, nonhazardous for operators;Sterile storage of garment (coats, overalls, shoe covers, etc.) for clean rooms.