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Corrosion inhibitors Defender


Petroleum Coatings

Petroleum Anti-corrosion Coating


Protection of + Paraffins + Corrosion + Asphaltene and asphaltik resinous sediments + Hydrogen sulfide H2S + Carbon dioxide CO2 + other elements
Pipelines Petroleum


High thermal stability (up to 300 °C) and antioxidant properties these inhibitors and fluids are successfully applied for the protection of rectifying columns, condensation and refrigerating equipment, and pipelines in high-temperature processes of oil refining and gas processing, including the high-temperature ones. High detergent-dispersive and washing properties the specified inhibitors and fluids successfully wash away diverse depositions from the inner surface areas of process equipment and pipelines, and also prevent their repeated deposition in the systems. High adsorption properties the specified products create protective films on metal surfaces that cannot be easily washed away by the liquid flow resulting in a long-term “after-effect” of the products, i.e. the effect of reliable protection of equipment even in case of long interruptions between the product feeds. Ecological safety Corrosion inhibitors in case of release into water or soil undergo biodegradation in aerobic and anaerobic conditions (chemical oxygen demand is 2.5 mg O2/g, biological oxygen demand is 1.8 mg O2/g)

Environmentally Friendly Corrosion resistance Anti-oxidant

Manufacturer's Description

Corrosion inhibitors of DEFENDER series and washing and anticorrosive fluids of WINCOR series possess a unique set of technological, operational, and other characteristics. On the strength of their properties the products of DEFENDER and WINCOR series are among the most effective reagents in the world and have indisputable advantages (due to their polyfunctionality) as compared with other known products of similar intended use.