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The N-Glaze® brand combines both flat and complex plastic components (2D and 3D) with a multifunctional and transparent high-performance surface. Glazed components are especially popular in automotive construction thanks to the advantages they provide in terms of design and weight (reductions of up to 50 %), for example, for panels with a high-gloss, black piano lacquer finish or panes for special-purpose vehicles. These light-weight components also contribute towards reducing CO2-emissions and enabling new mobility concepts. Enhanced glazing components open up a number of application scenarios across all sectors: companies are exploiting the numerous opportunities N-Glaze® offers, from white goods and the more design-focussed interior field to mechanical engineering.
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N-Glaze® refers to optically high-quality, transparent or even coloured plastic components in 2D and 3D. N-Glaze® components are enhanced with a N-Glaze® Sicralan coating to protect against external effects such as the weather, UV rays, chemicals, wear, etc.

Chemical Stability UV Protection Wear Resistance Transparent

Manufacturer's Description

Nanogate systems expertise to produce and enhance high-tech plastic components
Under the N-Glaze® umbrella brand, we offer companies an integrated portfolio for the design, production and enhancement of plastic components with glass-like properties (glazing).
N-Glaze® systems expertise pools leading technologies for glazing and high-tech surface systems in several centres of excellence.