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Nanomaterials emit waves in the infrared region and cause a magnetic resonance with the water molecules of the human body. Through the use of the cup / cup, a macromolecule of water no longer consists of 13-15 individual molecules, but only of 5-7 molecules. According to the treatment, the water is so-called low molecular weight water, which has 3 important properties: good solubility, high division capacity and stimulation of the human metabolism. The cup / mug is effective to maintain bacteriostasis and kill Darmparasites as well as Staphylococci. At the same time, it reduces the water content of harmful substances such as lead, fluorine, and increases the body's immunity. Cosmetic effect: It improves the complexion, removes wrinkles, pigment spots, dryness and skin inflammation. In the structuring process all "negative" information is deleted from the "water storage " .

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Some people are fortunate enough to live near a spring that still supplies clean, pure water. Most people today rely on tap water or purchased water from the supermarket. The various drawbacks of the tap water are well known, but also when buying water in the drink market should not be underestimated a problem many people are unaware of.They all know that buying water in the drink market is a strenuous water trap and you spend a lot of money on the "cheap" water over time. A much more serious problem, however, are the plastic bottles, in which the water is often packaged. It is now known that after 10 minutes hormone-like substances of the plastic settle in the water. Even the smallest amounts are sufficient to permanently interfere with our hormonal system.The Japanese water scientist Emoto has been photographing water of different origins for 25 years. Good spring water always has a beautiful and perfectly symmetrical structure.In the case of tap water the water clusters are smashed and the pollutant load can be seen correctly.Sufficient drinking of structured water helps you to reduce excess weight, increase vitality and well-being, and improve overall health. In the cup "HuaShen" water is converted from the high molecular weight water (15-17 molecules cluster) to the low molecular weight, structured water (5-7 molecular cluster).Structured water effectively lowers blood viscosity, maintains the body's normal acid-base balance, and improves body-borne immunity. Therefore, structured water should be drunk in every household!Structured water also has a health-promoting effect in the treatment of the following gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, gastric ulcers, intestinal ulcers, constipation, dyspepsia (irritation), heartburn.