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LEYCO pure


Environment Water and Wastewater

Reverse Osmosis


Waste water purification


The reverse osmosis systems offer a capacity of 15 l / h up to 45,000 l / h of desalinated water, special version for raw water over 1,000 ppm or seawater desalination plants are available on request.

Manufacturer's Description

Our LEYCOpure reverse osmosis systems are suitable for raw water with salt contents up to approx. 1,000 ppm. The installations are designed for raw water temperatures of 15 ° C. For temperature changes of 1 ° C, the indicated output of the osmosis system must be increased or reduced by approx. 3%. The max. Temperature fluctuation for this change in performance is approx. 5 ° C, ie between 10 ° and 20 ° C. 
The listed reverse osmosis systems are standard compact systems, each mounted on a frame or wall chassis. A candle filter is supplied as standard depending on the type of system. Further pretreatment measures must be considered according to water quality. Deviations in design and equipment are possible in the case of deviating operating conditions.
Treatment of brackish water to supply a residential house in Spain. The entire plant consists of various pretreatment components, softening, UO plant, mixing chamber and a permanent UV disinfection for the sterilization of the fresh water in the drinking water storage tank.Operating parameters which must be observed when using the membrane elementsTemperature    in operation between 5 ° and 35 ° C, when cleaning max. 45 ° CPH value    from 2 to 11 in the normal range, with cleaning from 1 to 12CL 2 content (free)    below 0.1 mg / lCaSO 4    under solubility limitSiO 2 in the concentrate    under a solubility limitCaCo 3 index (LSI)    negativeBlocking index    < 3Permeate counterpressure    with standing system max. 0.3 bar