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Storage heater Cera NanoPlus 4kW


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Rotatable, storage 4 kW DINplus / DIN EN, 2nd stage BimSchV, 1st stage BimSchV, VKF (CH), 15a B-VG (AUT), CE Outdoor air connection, independent of room air -DIBt-

Manufacturer's Description

The Cera storage oven NanoPlus - here in the color gray - is the optimal solution for those who prefer a convection oven, but want to enjoy the heat even after the fire has gone out. The beauty of the fire is to be enjoyed by the generously sized glass disc in full size. The "Powerstone" storage mass is available as an accessory. 
A convection oven, or even a hot air oven, emits its heat mainly by means of air circulation, ie the heat of the fire is distributed in the room by the heated convection air stream. For this purpose, a convection oven has openings in the cladding from which the heated air emerges. The convection oven Cera NanoPlus is unbeatable in terms of speed when heating a room. It requires a continuous firing, since only after the end of the firing process heat is released to the installation room. Due to the high combustion chamber temperatures, the convection oven allows large viewing windows without being prone to sooting. 
The DIBt approval for indoor air-independent operation was applied for. 
The nominal heat output is 4 kW and the efficiency is approx. 81%. The flue pipe connection of the Cero stove stove from Cera is possible upwards and backwards. The combustion air can be connected at the rear or at the bottom. 
The Cera Nano Plus has a generously sized, printed and glued-on glass pane and an ergonomically designed wooden handle. Technically, he sometimes convinces with his close-fitting aschelade and the one-hand air regulation. Particularly appealing is the stainless steel VA trim (appliqué) and the optional sandstone cover. With the turntable as an accessory, the Cera NanoPlus can be turned 60 ° to the left and right.