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CleanglaS Glass Coating Sealant 30ml


Automotive Maintenance

Glass Sealant


NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Glass Ceramic


The high-performance concentrate for sealing glass and ceramic surfaces. The first product in the world with self-assembling nano ceramic Si structures. CleanglaS has been developed through years of research for professional use. Now CleanglaS is available for private households and can be used for windows, shower doors, conservatories and for ceramic surfaces. (Ceramic hobs, sinks, toilet). Also suitable for the highly effective sealing of tiled surfaces (no natural stones). Extremely economical: 30ml up to 24m²

Soil Repellency Oil resistance Dirt resistance Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

Sealed or impregnated glass gets a very good water, oil and dirt repellent effect. It builds a mechanically very stable and durable invisible silicon matrix. The impregnated and sealed surfaces are highly resistant and temperature resistant. Cleaning is considerably simplified by lotuseffect, the non-stick effect (Easy-To-Clean). The sealed surfaces are easy to clean with clear water and a cloth. By the water-repellent effect no water film will be made. Instead, the water runs off immediately, thereby preventing streaks and allows easy cleaning and durable anytime ease of care.Streak free without polishing - lime remove as easy as never before!CleanglaS Sealant can be used on almost all glass and ceramic surfaces (inside and outside).Extract from the data sheet:Odor: alcoholic, aqueousAppearance: clear ready for useFree of aromatic / aliphatic solventsProduced without fluorine chemistryStorage: min. 12 months in original sealed great benefit of a sealer to your shower, window or conservatory is that even stubborn stains such as Only slightly adhere lime on the surface and thereby easy, can only be removed with water and a cloth. We recommend for a residue-free maintenance cleaning using glass cleaner Clean and Clean glass microfibre cloths.Instructions for use:Clean Glass is only residue-free substrates good adhesion. Use a suitable for pre-cleaning glass cleaner. Use indoors or in dry weather over 5 degrees C. also possible outside. Rinse the glass surfaces after cleaning with glass cleaner with water and dry. Clean glass evenly with the included order cloth, best apply crosswise very thin. Wipe dry with a cloth and rinse with water - Done. In our video library you can also see a video tutorial.Clean glass technology compared to conventional nano-glass seals:Immediately upon application to the superficiality to be sealed is a only about 3 nanometers (3 millionth of a millimeter) forms thin, glass-like Molekularmatrixx that creates a completely transparent, water- and stain-resistant protective shield on the surface. This is formed by the information contained in the Clean Glass and ceramic sealing self-organizing structures SI.Unlike many sealers from nanotechnology requires no curing of often up to 24 hours or more, and no energy-sapping polishing to activate the surface sealing.The Clean Glass Glass Sealant has created Instant Effect technology:Apply, rub, rinse with water - Ready!With the correct dosage and application takes about 1.2 ml per m². Clean glass with 30ml glass seal, you can seal up to approximately 24m² your glass windows, doors, shower, conservatory of a surface.