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Textile Shield


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Finishing Agent


NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanocolloid CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Oleophobe Hydrophobe Bio-compatibility Water repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Textile Shield is a revolutionary non-toxic super-hydrophobic and oleophobic Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR) that is fluorocarbon free.  Unlike other hydrophobic fluorocarbon based textile coatings, Textile Shield is breathable, bio-compatible, completely inert and the world’s only durable water-based DWR that is also oleophobic. In laboratory testing, our textile coating achieved 150 degree super-hydrophobic contact angles on natural and synthetic textiles. In addition, Textile Shield is resistant to harsh detergents and demonstrates excellent self-cleaning properties with continuous performance over 30 washes. Textile Shield is only 100-150 nm in thick (approximately 800 times thinner than a human hair). Textile Shield can be applied to fabrics such as: Cotton, Canvas, Suede/Leather Corduroy, Flannel, Poplin, Sailcloth, Sateen, Terry Cloth, Wool, Linen, Fleece or to synthetic textiles such as: Nylon, Polyester, Microfiber, Acetate, Acrylic, Rayon, Poly blends, Olefin, Polypropylene, Spandex, and many more.For performance testing, we use the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Method 22-2010 – Water Repellency Spray Test. On cotton fabric, Textile Shield received a perfect initial score of 100 (indicating no wetting or sticking) and 85 after 30 washes.