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Nanovia Clean Air – filter media for air filtration


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Nanovia Clean Air – filter media for air filtration
Filter media designed for the production of air filters according to EN 779:2012 efficiency class F8-F9 and according to EN 1822:2010 class efficiency E10-E131-17.Filter media for filtering air within window ventilation. The materials are made from UV stabilized fabric and can withstand seasonal installation in windows and vents (efficiency class approximately F7).Advantages of nanofiber layer filter media 
The filter materials with the nanofiber layer provide the desired filter efficiency with a lower pressure drop or with a higher material permeability. This positively impacts energy consumption related to the operation of a filter unit. The materials can be used for production of flat or pleated filters, hose or bag filters.
Nanofiber layer can be used for the production of filter media using the principle of surface or depth filtration of air.
If the case of depth filtration, it is necessary to prepend a prefilter preferably with a metl-blown type fabric material, cellulose media, fabric fleece. The principle of surface filtration may be advantageously used for the production of filters with pulse regeneration/cleaning. Nanofiber laminates have high efficiency, high degree of regeneration with repeated knocking and long durability.