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Manufacturer's Description

Tiss®-Membranes are NEW nanostructured membranes for covalent immobilisation of different molecules and biomolecules.Experiments with  Green Fluorescent Protein, demonstrated that the use of Tiss®-Membranes enhances the sensitivity of ELISA testing at least by a factor of 4, reduces the incubation period of the test prior to testing by a factor of 2 and halves the amount of immobilised biomolecules required per test.Tiss®-Link is a nonwoven nanofibre membrane made by electrospinning. It has a pre-activated surface (containing 3-atom spacer) for direct covalent immobilisation of biomolecules.Our revolutionary technology has allowed the development of fibre tissues that directly and covalently attach any biomolecule under mild conditions of temperature and pH (RT and physiological pH) in a short period of time. This patented technology has the following features:

Covalent attachment of thiol-, amine- and/or imidazole- containing biomolecules to the surface of the membrane, resulting in a highly bio-active material.Do not need to be pre-activated for the immobilisation of biomolecules.Enhancing sensitivity with a lesser amount of the biomolecule.Enhancing stability.Tiss®-Link is specially recommended to act as a support for all the applications that require a covalent immobilisation of biomolecules including RIA (radioimmunoassay), immunoassays (ELISA kits, lateral flow test strips, etc…) and DNA flow.